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"If you are too busy to meditate once a day, you should be meditating twice a day!"

Why Mindful Life Coaching?

 In life CHANGE is inevitable... it's the only constant we have.

We can choose to stay stuck or choose to grow &

 it all starts with AWARENESS

growth begins with


well-being begins with our minds, the seed is already there

awareness & mindfulness are the ground and coaching is the sunlight & water we need to thrive








Your Mind






You don't need a yoga studio or temple to meditate!


A healthier, happier, and better quality lifestyle awaits you. Get in touch today and let’s get started.


Life Coach. Meditation Lover. Gratitude Fanatic. Dessert Geek. Mom.


I’m a Mindful Life Coach who loves to empower others to be their best self with compassion, non-judgement, authenticity, & fun! My intention is to coach you to tap into your inner potential so that you can take inspired action towards your life goals and SHINE!


As a meditation teacher, I'm known for my passion, simple approach, and inspirational instructing style that embodies mental, spiritual, and physical strength. After eight years of meditating twice daily, I have learned that meditation is no longer just a practice, it is part of who I am and I would like to share that with you.

My journey has had many twists and turns. Professionally, I have been a Biomedical Engineer turned stay-at-home Mom, turned Pastry Chef & Chocolatier, turned Restaurateur, turned Entrepreneur, turned Life-Lover! Physically & Spiritually, my life has been equally dynamic and enchanting. Every challenge and obstacle we face in life has a silver lining and a lesson to be learned and I'm here to humbly share mine with you. 

After closing my Washington DC chocolate-themed restaurant of 10 years, I decided to follow another passion...personal growth, meditation & positive psychology. I believe that we are never too old to go back to school and pursue our dreams which is why I decided to study Positive Psychology and Mindfulness, and to get my Meditation Teacher Certification. Life took another slight turn when the pandemic hit and I became a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach!


As we all adapt to our ever-changing worlds, we can choose to freeze or grow. We each have our own time & place to grow and when the time is right for you, I would love for us to thrive together! 

Join me for a session and live the sweet life too! Btw, besides meditation, I love to talk about chocolate & pastry and sometimes you may even catch some of my sweet treats at MyndTreat...dessert geek at heart ;-) 



"I was trapped in my mind regarding a romantic relationship that was preventing me from moving forward. I reached out to Nisha to work on this, and with her thought-provoking questions, her ability to mirror and articulate, and the safe and non-judgmental atmosphere she created, I was able to authentically express myself and discover the keys to free myself from this unhealthy obstacle. Together, we uncovered blind spots in my perception as well as created an exercise that helped me gain clarity and closure. These key insights and learnings are knowledge that I can now carry through my life's journey.  I personally believe that the best coaches not only help you with a current situation, but leave you feeling transformed. Thank you Nisha for helping me transform this area of my life! Beyond grateful!"

Kevin S, NJ USA


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