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mental fitness program

Grow beyond meditation & build your inner wisdom muscle

to savor your life in 3 months!

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Allow me to guide you 

As a recovering perfectionist & control freak, I learned the hard way that the mind, body & soul connection was the real deal! In my younger years, I lived a life of checking off boxes without any real purpose or direction other than making everyone around me happy, everyone except myself. Yup, that was the people pleaser in me! This led to some serious consequences in my physical & mental health. So, I began reading & studying all sorts of self-help stuff and gained all kinds of knowledge, but things weren't sticking. Something was missing...SUSTAINED ACTION! 

If you can relate to any of this, you are not alone! Most of us, particularly those who are more left-brain thinking, have grown up in survival mode and our brains developed accordingly. Somewhere along the way the ego stepped in and abused or overused our greatest gifts to the point they now sabotage us. We constantly get hijacked by negative feelings!


So, How do we activate more of our inner wisdom so we can shift and handle life's challenges with less stress & more ease?

Well, this holistic mental fitness program which includes personalized meditation training, intensive positive intelligence training, and mindful life coaching is the next step towards loving YOUR life!


You deserve to live life to the fullest with ease & I would love to facilitate your journey!



  • Feel More Confident

  • Live with Intention

  • Be More at Ease

  • Experience More Joy

  • Love Your Life!

your 3 months growth journey includes...

Program Details

Ready to Savor?

Total Cost $300 + $1600 + $800 = $2700
Your Price $600/month for 3 months  
Savings of $900

SAVOR is 100% guaranteed. If you do the agreed work for at least 30 days & decide it's just not for you, then no questions asked, you will receive a full refund.

So, what have you got to lose? 


*Please ask about special pricing for current or previous MyndMeditation clients.

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